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2019 The Year Of Hard Life Trials

2019 was like hell on earth for me and as the pressure of stress within was building up I ended up in the late part of 2019 passing out because the stress in my life became so great because I refuse to give it to God. I was watching christian content on YouTube while watching the christian content I stood up to get some water and I crashed to the floor from passing out and YouTube was on auto play and when I came too the song rise from Katy Perry started to play in the background.

As I laid on the floor coming to my senses and the song above playing in the background the Lord provided the following message to me

God Speaks The Following To Me

Son, arise from this and R I S E above the trials in your life, turn to me and give me your stress for my yoke is light to bear. (Matthew 11:28-30) Arise in my name sake and rise above the situations and circumstances through my Holy power and I will raise you up to be a soulja of God and show you through my word how to be a Soulja of Hope to help you reach others in my name sake through the Word of God.

Son, this calling will not be easy at all in your life, but there is souls I have intertwine into the pathway of your calling in my Holy name sake. Son, Arise and rise up to become a leader that will lead nations to their knees in my name sake bowing before their Holy King Jesus Christ and they too will rise and become souljaz of hope for my Holy name sake.

I did not give you the spirit of fear instead I have given you as well everyone else the Son of Jesus Christ that bared the sins on the cross and yet carried the message of hope. Son, don’t just be a Soulja 4 Christ arise and become a Soulja of Hope spreading the Gospel in a Christ like manner that burns across the nations like a unstoppable wild fire from the Heavens above.

2020 My Identity Through Jesus Christ Is born

June of 2019 God confronted me and asked me to assassinate my sinful character and I, ignored God and by the last 2 weeks of 2019 before new years eve, going into the year of 2020 God confronted me again and said last chance to draw the line in the sand and surrender to me. December of 2019 five mins to midnight going into 2020. I found myself falling to my knees asking God to forgive me of my sinful ways and to help me kill off the old me.

I was crying so hard while praying I was pouring it all out before God and I ended up crying myself to sleep and God awoke me early in the morning of January of 2020 and He gave me the following message.

2nd Message From God

Faithful Son, you passed the test the calling I placed on your life before you were in your mothers womb has been granted. Son, seek me with the whole you and keep turning from your old ways of life and the Holy Spirit will guide you to freedom through my Holy name sake.

Son, the devil is not happy that you died to you and became born again through me your true Holy Father. There will always be a target on your back from this point forward from the devil, but do not fear I will use that target as spotlight to shine my workings through you that no one will be able to deny that the hand of God is upon you as well working through you as one of my souljaz of hope.

2020 And Moving Forward

I honestly don’t know what God has in-store with His hand upon me I just know His authority and His mighty love is great and His authority is backing my calling bestowed upon me from the Holy Father of Heaven. As I face uncharted territory I must rely on God for the calling upon my life to work towards the worship of God in the great Heavens Above. It is not my timing anymore but God’s timing even if it seems late. The truth is as humans we want the time to be now but God’s timing is perfect because He see’s all aspects that need to be completed before His work is seen executed.

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