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Hello Souljaz, Welcome Back! Recently I wrote a post called I’m Living The 180 Lifestyle Part 1 (link at the bottom of post) I have been working on part 2 and I’m completing the final edit of part 2 and will be starting part 3 soon

I just got over having an cold and have a lot on my personal plate that I’m trying to get done within an certain time frame so, I apologize it is taking time to write these posts. I am also trying to keep up with publishing shorter posts daily to get the website recognized because in the internet atmosphere if you don’t publish daily your website becomes buried by the white noise of the internet.

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I'm Living The 180 Lifestyle Part 1

Hello Souljaz, Welcome Back! On the about page I mentioned I’m an ex-gang banger and ex-satanist (Screen Capture below)

Today I would like to embark on the testimony of going from being a gang banger to becoming a satanist and then becoming a Christian. I have done things in life I am not proud of but needs to be spoken about to show where God has brought me from. The satanist part will become part 2

From Gang-Banger To Being A Satanist

As I have mentioned before I had a rough upbringing and I had a lot of hatred within me because of it. At the age of 12 I had sex with a unnamed female she in-return introduced me to a few male friends of her and they were in a gang as I started to hang with them the more I noticed the brotherhood of the gang life promoted family hood, I was drawn in by this aspect because the family hood at home was next to none.

I got to know these two friends of the unnamed female and they approached me about joining the gang and at first I was nervous but I wanted to feel like I belonged. After I joined the gang I was all in (it was all or nothing) attitude… I had a care free attitude I was down to do things for the gang regardless the bad outcome for me. Because of my all or nothing attitude the higher ranking gang members took noticed to my loyalty to the gang cause.

These higher ranking gang members told me that their eye was on me and they were considering to bring forth the idea of promotion to the leader of the gang squad. They actually did just that and I got promoted but this didn’t settle well, with some of the other members I was hanging around that had been in the gang longer than me.

This is where the family hood became broken in my mind but I didn’t care I was down for the gang and I felt I earned the spot because I would go out of my way to do things the other gang members wouldn’t do.

Going From Being A Dedicated Gang Member To Being Falsely Titled As A Snitch

A snitching gang member is NOT tolerated in the gang atmosphere, after I had been promoted for a while the trust became broken and the gang members turned on me and tried to kill me (Point blank snitching brings bullets in the gang sphere) Because I was labeled a “Snitch” some of the lower level gang members decided to break the gang by-laws and took it upon themselves to try and kill me. Frankly the promotion put a target on my back because of other gang members jealously.

While having the target on my back I got caught up with charges and I ended up getting a year and half of probation. Now the gang members felt I made a deal with the police to get a lighter sentence I just ended up getting a break from the judge and nothing more but the gang members weren’t going for the truth because how it appeared before them.

It actually got so dangerous that my mom sent me to live with my uncle because I was a teenager during this time frame and my lifestyle was bringing danger to the home front. I joined a new squad front (same gang) when I moved in with my uncle. While I was banging for the gang cause I met this female that was good looking so, I set out to get to know her better and it became evident she was into some different stuff that appeared to bring forth power to the person involved. I wanted power I was chasing after the power status in the gang life already but the gang life drama with a target on my back was becoming tiresome so I got to know this female better and she come forth that she was a satanist.

At first I thought it was a joke I wasn’t feeling it, but I begin to witness things that left me with more questions than answers this was my draw in point to leave the gang and become more in-depth with dark magic.

Part 2 coming soon!

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Welcome To The New Soulja of Hope Followers

Hello I am known here @Soulja of Hope as R.E,I,G,N (Reaching.Everyone.In.God’s.Nations) I asked God what would best describe me if we were to use a character name in the bible and God told me the following one day.

God’s Description Of Me

Reign: God What Character in the bible best describes me?

God: Son, I would pick Paul,

God: Son, I say Paul because your lifestyle was like Saul, now know as (Paul) Son, (Reign) I can remember while you were growing up you made it your mission to hate every aspect of Jesus Christ and what Jesus stood for. because of the anger within you Then one day during your teenage years you took an overdose and died for 1 hr and went to hell and you cried out for Jesus and just like I spoke to Saul via the burning bush, you too had your burning bush moment and discovered the love of God when Jesus spared you from hell, when deep within your soul knew your life decisions lead you to hell.

God: Son, even though Jesus spared you from hell, you spent 20+ years doing your own thing in life (running from me as your God) and then I revisit you and you open your heart to my love for you and for mankind and now you are like a modern day Paul with the passion of God’s love to spread the Gospel the very Gospel of Jesus that spared you from hell.

To the old and new readers, I went from being a gang-banger to becoming a satanist through out life to, becoming a person within being on fire to spread the love of Jesus Christ, but the veteran readers had experienced growing pains of me faking my faith walk at times and as of December of 2019 I got exposed trying to live for Jesus but was caught up doing my own thing in the background and God brought forth light to this manner. Then as of January 2020 I repented of such lifestyle. So Soulja of Hope is in its beginning stages of reflecting my repentance as well reflecting the love of Jesus, through the testimony of my life conversion I say this because many posts will reflect my trial and tribulations throughout life and how God got me to this point of life with me being the author of Soulja of Hope.

What is Soulja of Hope About?

Lets start with what Soulja of Hope, Is not about. This blog is not geared towards watering down the truth of the Gospel which is a living testament of God’s love that changes individuals if they are willing with their free will to let the living word (Gospel) of God, teach them how to become a new creation through the love of God and the teachings through God’s scripture.

Soulja of Hope is a blog geared towards letting others know the realness and the struggles that comes with being a Christian, hence why “Soulja” is in the blog name. Because it takes a heart of David and a soulja mindset to live for Jesus Christ, in the world of today that has experienced many evil things under the sun and where many individuals are leaving the brick and mortar churches behind because of various offenses people are experiencing in today’s world through churches that are watering down the truth and are doing their own thing instead of being true to scripture teachings.

Many of the brick and mortar churches have lost their way and are not reaching out to their surrounding communities nor teaching their attendees to be on fire for Jesus in a way that promotes the movement to reach beyond the church doors to disciple individuals to bring forth God’s army in a stronger aspect to keep the legacy of Jesus Christ going. Soulja of Hope, is about breaking the man made religious boundaries of man made religious rules that promotes mankind’s agenda verses God’s agenda taught through scripture and to help others discover that the Gospel is not a religion but a Relationship with Jesus Christ.

I encourage you to share Soulja of Hope, With Your Social Circles

Soulja of Hope, formally know as “Soulja 4 Christ” has had a name change for 25 days now and God has been doing bold things here @Soulja of Hope blog and it is only going to get better and better as God does His thing through me as the willing author of this site.

My plans are to be directed by God and the living word. (Scripture) I have a deep passion to help God awaken the slumbered Souljaz of God and to teach them just like Paul of the bible taught and reached and brought forth many Christians together as souljaz, a mighty army for God many years ago … I agree Church is important but not enough of them are reaching beyond the confines of their walls to reach the lost that will never step foot into a church living the sinners lifestyle. Jesus was on the move all the time reaching out to the lost and this is were the ministry of Soulja of Hope, is geared towards online and in-person to go beyond the church walls and seek the lost that feel they are out of reach of being forgiven because the person(s) won’t step forth into a church for their own reasoning. I once felt this way and now I’m an ambassador of Jesus Christ that wants to break through the church walls and reach nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I encourage you, to not  just read the material here @Soulja of Hope but instead start living the Soulja stance against the devils lies and tactics for God has purpose for your life because all souls matter to God including your own soul. So I encourage the readers to join me not in a ministry aspect but modern day Jesus movement aspect a mighty army of God that carries on the legacy of what Jesus Christ started over 2,000 years,

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Teck~Line The Foundation Blog That Becomes Soulja of Hope

This post is a lengthy response to Rick’s post via @What’s On My PC
Author Notes: When I choose to be obedient to the Holy Spirit to create the off topic post About What’s On My PC I had no idea that the Holy Spirit had this testimony in mind after corresponding with Rick, author of @What’s On My Pc (You can find a link to Rick’s reply of the post I posted about @What’s On My PC at the bottom of this post.

The Holy Spirit Drives Opportunities

Recently the Holy Spirit nudged me to write the off topic post to pay respect to Rick, @What’s On My PC because I started a tech blog in 2005 and Rick came on the scene of by 2008 and added my tech blog (Teck~Line) to (What’s On My PC) blog roll. As a writer I was struggling and thought the Teck~Line blog was okay but Rick wrote his experience was different and that drove him to place Teck~Line on his website blog roll.

Shortly afterwards I left and Teck~Line became still in time. I felt bad that Rick, added Teck~Line and then I left shortly afterwards. (No notice I abandon the Teck~Line blog)

Why Did I Leave

The depression of losing my dad and what I said to him on his dying bed haunted me for many years. Many of the Soulja of Hope community knows I had a rough childhood but nobody knows (until now) I told my dad off because the anger within me as he was dying on the hospital bed before me (This time frame was his 2nd stroke). My dad became a Christian after his first stroke and lived five years living for Jesus Christ, He couldn’t speak well but his actions lead hundreds to Christ. I know so because many of them that were around him daily came to the funeral to thank God for my dad’s dedication to Jesus Christ, because my dad’s Christ like actions lead them to Jesus and their testimonies displayed such. (Side Note: The funeral staff was shocked and concerned because the seats where full and the building was full, people were lined up outside even because they couldn’t get in because of no space left within the building) That day Jesus Celebrated my dad’s new found eternal life and God displayed my dad’s faithful work unto the Kingdom of Heaven. My dad became Kingdom driven and my dad’s personal letter to me drives my passion for God today when I felt unreachable to God back then.

My dad’s letter to me in the front of the bible, please note it is not word for word it is paraphrased to drive the core message. One of the nurses also came in on their off day and sat 8+ hours to write the letter to me as my dad struggled for 8+ hours to speak a few paragraphs.

Letter to my son, found in the front of the bible my dad gave me in 2005

I am sorry for how I treated you, and I understand your anger towards me. Son, Jesus loves you more than I ever can or will be able to from this point forward. I wasn’t living life for Jesus when I hurt you and now after my first stroke when I was inward bound for hell, Jesus saved me and now I live a life of gratitude and worship unto Heaven in daily worship unto Jesus.

Son, I know I will be in heaven before your heart changes from anger to driven for God, because God revealed that truth to me. Son, you must forgive others and forgive yourself before this can happen in your life. Son, the glory of God is bigger than any human and I am living Jesus’s legacy like other obedient Christians are and God wants you to fill your unique God given gifts to further God’s kingdom and you are smart enough to awake and lead God’s slumbered army towards Heaven as long as you do it through Jesus Christ, and not yourself.
(God is the Key for all this to happen and your constant obedience unto God) Son, Jesus is the focus point and we are the vessel to drive God’s Holy business through His word power and strength here on earth because all souls matter to God.

Liked mentioned In 2005 my dad gave me a bible for my birthday and I was mad because before my dad gave me a small of amount of money for my birthdays. Because my dad couldn’t speak well I sat there for 1hr as he struggled to tell me that the he gave the bible to me, because the bible was worth more than any money amount. After I left from visiting my dad I went home and threw the bible in a box. A year later he passed away and I had the matter of telling him off as mentioned above

2011 Became A Defining Moment In Life.

During 2011 I moved and my wife at the time found the bible in the box while unpacking and I asked her to place it on my computer desk. I ended up opening the Bible randomly to Jeremiah 29:11 I will be honest here I became very made at God because God was reaching out to my heart through Jeremiah 29:11 which is considered a promise verse. God knows how my dad broke me mentally breaking promises all the time. A few months later it became 2012

2012 Teck~Line Becomes Reborn Into Soulja 4 Christ

Shortly after reading Jeremiah 29:11 during 2011 I asked God into my life, and shortly after that it became 2012 and Teck~Line Became Soulja 4 Christ, through the url change option.

2012 through 2019 My Life Became a Mess

Note my dad passed away in 2006 and I was burying the pain of what I said on my dad’s death bed. This inner pain cause me to run from God because I didn’t want to deal with the inner pain. By 2017 Soulja 4 Christ blog still displaying publicly the aspect of me running from God still and on top of that I was now faced with the hurt being with my wife for 19 yrs was coming to an end.

End Of 2017 Through The End Of 2019

For the most part the Soulja 4 Christ blog was struggling to stay afloat and I abandon the blog just like the Teck~Line blog. Most of 2018 the Soulja 4 Christ blog was dead in the water with some inconsistent blog posts during 2018. Spring of 2019 my drive for God became stronger and I tried to reflect God’s love towards individuals but the pain of the divorce and my dad ate at me and I struggled to not feel fake behind the screen sharing posts here on the blog. By June of 2019 God was asking me to lay rest to my sinful Character and I ignored God and by December 2 weeks to 2020 God approached me again and December 31st 5 mins to midnight I fell to my knees pouring everything before God.

2020 New Beginning, New Direction, (God Directed)

Shortly into 2020 the Holy Spirit approached me and asked me to lay the name Soulja 4 Christ to rest for many reasons and rename the blog to Soulja of Hope, because this name reflects God’s gift of hope while we are the obedient vessel for God to drive that hope.

Current Time Frame

2020 is here and pushing forward and the Holy Spirit askes me to reach out to Rick, author of @What’s On My Pc and at first I was reluctant to do so, because I felt shame how I didn’t even thank Rick, back then for including Teck~Line to his blog roll. Out of all honesty I didn’t know nor did or does Rick, know the Holy Spirit had this reply to Rick’s post in mind.

Keeping it Real (My Final Words)

Soulja community when I awoke I didn’t expect a post coming from Rick, on his blog, and it brought me to humble tears that allowed the Holy Spirit to bring matureness to approach the pain I wrote above to bring forth more enrichment to readers of Soulja of Hope, Before I knew Rick posted a response post I was struggling to keep going with my faith walk but rick wrote the following.

Quoted From Rick,

please continue spreading the Word of God in the manner for which you are so good at. I don’t think you realize that you are and can be an inspiration to others who don’t know Christ and inspiration to others who face struggles where they feel there is no hope.

Rick, Author @What’s On My Pc

The Holy Spirit used Rick’s words (above) to create a stronger desire within me to keep fighting the good fight for God even when it becomes grim because the Holy Spirit showed me that it is bigger then me and this blog and it is about coming together as a Soulja-Fam through the power of Jesus Christ,

God made it clear to me through my dad’s letter and Rick’s post I am one of God’s leaders to help God facilitate gathering up God’s mighty army and to help others through the direction of the Holy Spirit to drive the direction of God’s Army that is to arise in the direction of the great commander in Heaven.

I felt lead by the Holy Spirit to add to this post what my mom wrote on her Facebook profile I am also including the video she posted with her writing below.

No matter what you are going through, don’t quit whether it is emotional pain or physical pain…think and believe you are a overcomer…
Isaiah 41:13 (KJV)
13 For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee

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Welcome To Soulja of Hope Part 1

Hello Everyone! Hope you enjoy and are inspired by our newest content. Feel free to comment below on the content or spread the content by sharing through various options below.

To clear any confusion yes, this blog use to be called Soulja 4 Christ and you can find the related post to the announcement of the new name Soulja of Hope (Here) Now that, that is out of the way, Welcome! to Soulja of Hope.

God Captured My Heart In 2011(The Beginning of Soulja of Hope)

In 2011 God captured my heart with me opening the bible randomly to Jeremiah 29:11

God Shaping The Path Of Today (Bold Prayer In 2015)

During 2015 I didn’t like where I was in life and Soulja 4 Christ became born here on WordPress after I went before God and said a bold prayer about reaching others in a bold way for God. My goal through this blog was to teach others about God’s word the (Gospel) in a non watered down manner.

2018 Prayer Of 2015 Answered

During 2018 I awoke to the following video in my phone notifications

The video above had direct answers to me from God, I say this because God showed me through the video to be able to complete the things I asked God during that bold prayer in 2015. I was going to have to become Someone I wasn’t yet.

(Troubled Times) 2019

During 2019 I was encouraged by the video above to become someone that I didn’t even believe I could become to boldly reach other people in God’s name in a Christ like manner at that time frame in my life. But, 2019 became the year of failure of completing the goal of becoming more focus on God to become the bold person of faith. Instead I was still troubled by the pain of my divorce during 2018 and this pain became my focus in 2019 to the point I was like a yo yo with my relationship with God.

Reborn Process (2019-2020)

2019 Became the year I faced many life challenges and I almost threw the towel in with God. I was giving up a lot within and then God showed me this video on YouTube (found below) and even though the video had a evil tone to it God boldly showed me to fight through the trouble times and rise! above it because what the devil had in-store to defeat me GOD was still bigger in the situations and circumstances I faced to Rise against the defeat the devil placed before me and God was boldly shaping me within through the life trials I was facing to promote my faith walk in 2020

Continue To Part 2

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