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I’ve been blogging here at WordPress.com since 2005 off an on and before I had a blog geared towards providing Christian content I had a blog that was centered around tech related topics called Teck-Line and Rick, from What’s On My Pc (Button to website at the bottom of post) Rick, added my little struggling tech blog to his blog roll that had more well known websites at that time frame within the blogroll line up. I was so excited that I made it on to the list and I am still humbled by that experience. The reason I am still humble is because my readership doubled over a 2 week period back then.

My dad passed away in 2006 and I didn’t blog much after I made it on to Rick’s blogroll because I became very depressed about my dad’s health getting worse in 2005. By 2015 I came back on the blogging scene with Soulja 4 Christ now known as Soulja of Hope, So I wanted to pay back the respect to Rick, and bring forth the attention of Rick’s tech blog that has many greate tutorials, tech lingo, reviews, and many more tech related posts. I personally love reading his blog because I like technology and Rick, keeps his posts focused and well formatted to where the direction of the focus on the content is conveyed in the message of the post. Plus Rick, gives honest reviews and I respect that quality within Rick, because you don’t find that much anywhere online now days.

Personal Message To Rick, Author of (What’s On My PC,) link to his blog below.

Message To Rick,
Thank you for adding Teck-line to your blog roll, I am very thankful for that experience. I also respect how strong you are blogging to this day keep up the great work.

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