I'm Living The 180 Lifestyle Part 2

The devil Wants To Deceive You

Author Notes for this post to make sense you’ll need to read part 1 first

Hello Souljaz, Welcome Back! In the previous post I left off with meeting this cute female and I became introduced that she was a satanist I was 15 by this time frame and I wanted to feel like I belonged and I was chasing after the power status. I was also dealing with certain gang members trying to take me out because they were jealous because I received a promotion and they had been in the gang longer than I had been.

Point frank I was sick of the gang lifestyle and the target on my back… Like I mentioned this female appeared to have power to do questionable things before my eye’s… The power aspect had me asking myself where do I sign up? So, I asked this female witch how do I become a warlock?

Side Note: In the bible the husband is appointed leadership in the home for his own family and the devil flat out hates God, So, the positions are opposite in devil worshiping point frank the female witch is the shot caller.

This unnamed female told me if I wanted in I had to prove myself first. I thought no problem I had a care free attitude already in the gang so I am down to do anything to join. This female witch told me because of my previous gang status she needed me to be like a foot soldier for the kingdom of hell out on the streets. At first I was confused then she explained that I needed to befriend targeted individuals(s) to gain their trust to gain information and to collect personal items of the targeted individual(s).

At first I thought this request was odd, but thought if this is what it takes I am down I want power I can control like she has the ability to control. I didn’t understand like I do now, but this female needed certain personal items to curse to bring a curse into a persons life. Other times the witches needed certain personal effects and information of a targeted individual to complete sinister spells

Because of the previous gang life I had gained clout on the streets I was the go to person to get certain things done back then. This caused me to be popular among shady individuals and regular everyday life type individuals. Point blank this female witch needed money to fund her devil worshiping ministry…Because of my care free attitude I gathered a crew that broke into cars and homes many years ago to make fast cash. The crew I placed together was a bunch of males that wanted to become a warlock like I wanted to become a warlock.

As requested I was getting things done for the head witch and I was becoming deeper intertwined into the atmosphere of satanism (black magic) one day the female witch approached me and said there was going to be a party the night before Halloween. (night before Halloween is referred to devils night) I didn’t drink or do drugs at the party I wanted to be well alert to know if any trickery was going and the stuff I witnessed that night locked me in.

I begin to meet knew people and they had things to hide for good reason because it could have landed them behind bars back then. A year later I turned 16 yrs old and I was introduced to some big players in the community behind satanism and the group I hung out with was joining up with the other individuals… Needless to say I was on a need to know basis but was invited it turned out to be a human sacrifice and I became afraid.

I became afraid because I was down for the power, the partying, and being at the time what I thought was the in crowd. This particular night I meet up with the individuals in the woods via the people I hung out with daily and these woods where out there you could scream all day and not be heard at all. There was prominent individuals that had a lot to loose with their career choices… Like for instance one individual was a doctor by day and practice satanism by night.

Something didn’t feel right that night in the woods and then I saw the person they were going to sacrifice unto satan, needless to say I wasn’t down for watching or being a part of a murder So, I ran and the head person of the group in the woods said “get him” he saw my face and I have a lot to lose. When the focus turned on me the group split up to get me and the other person got away and the female I met in the beginning picked up the person that was suppose to become sacrificed with their car and drove down the road and yelled at me get in the car.

Us three took off and I turned my back on satanism after 1 year of it. But then my life was still a big mess, Ana, my current girlfriend (I’ll speak about our 22 yr separation in another post some day) Ana, became pregnant in her teenage years, I had certain gang members wanting my head on the platter for leaving the gang and now certain satanist wanted my head on a platter as well for altering their plans that night and now Ana, is pregnant through all this mess in my life.

The pressure of stress was so strong upon me that I decided to end my life

To Be Continued In Part 3

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The Importance Of the Armor Of God

Wearing the armor of God is very important because the devil is always scheming to get people to fall for his deceptions towards mankind… The armor of God gives you the fighting edge against the devils attacks

Ephesians 6:10-18 (NIV)
The Armor of God
10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.

Bible Scripture

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Post Series Update: For The 180 Posts

Hello Souljaz, Welcome Back! Recently I wrote a post called I’m Living The 180 Lifestyle Part 1 (link at the bottom of post) I have been working on part 2 and I’m completing the final edit of part 2 and will be starting part 3 soon

I just got over having an cold and have a lot on my personal plate that I’m trying to get done within an certain time frame so, I apologize it is taking time to write these posts. I am also trying to keep up with publishing shorter posts daily to get the website recognized because in the internet atmosphere if you don’t publish daily your website becomes buried by the white noise of the internet.

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Scripture Series: 1 Peter 5:6-7

R.E.I.G.N’S Commentary

Hello Souljaz, Welcome Back! All to much as life around us is dynamic and everything around us, competes for our attention we become overwhelmed and can find ourselves saying or thinking to ourselves “I can handle this stress”

But we find ourselves most time drowning in stress, As the day goes on we as “Individuals” need to let go of our pride and admit to ourselves that we must humble ourselves before Jesus and just lay it all out and let God show us the way to navigate the situations and circumstances we face in our dynamic lives. God truly does care and God wants to help but we as individuals get in the way of God helping us with our free will to override asking God for help because of “pride” and impatiences of waiting on His timing.

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Please Pray For Ben, He has stage 3 liver cancer

A friend of Ana, & I asked for prayer on the bus tonight, because Ben, has stage 3 liver cancer he has a wife, a 2 month old daughter and a 4 yr old daughter as well. Ben, is asking Christians to unite in prayer because of the despair and uncertainty Ben and his family is facing right now.

Souljaz of Jesus Christ, Ben and his family needs our prayers. So, let’s join together for Ben, to be healed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Matthew 18:20

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

Logo Update 1/31/2020

I wasn’t really feeling the plain look with the wording sideways so I went back in the editor and created a new logo with the letter ‘R” (image below) the letter ‘s’ is a watermark on the image. More commentary below the image

I am currently at the basic level of knowing how to use Paint-shop pro 2020 and I wasn’t really feeling the previous image (below right side) I created earlier I wanted to self teach myself to push the envelope. Many individuals that can create logo’s may look at the image and be looks blah, but I am pretty impressed with what I created within a couple of hours and I believe God will help me get better and better at it.

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Blog Update 1/30/2020

Hello Souljaz Just a quick update I noticed when I was leaving comments on this blog as well when I commented on other websites the name part in the old image looked like a blurred line because the image in the comment section is too small. So I decided to mess around with the new image editor I got recently called Corel Paintshop pro 2020… So I created the image on the right as a replacement of the current image on the left. The acronym originally stood for Reaching Everyone In God’s Name.

A family member and I recently talked and they brought it to my attention that the letter”N” could also stand for “Nations” My heart desire is to reach as many nations I can teaching God’s word and I thought the nation aspect was more fitting for the R.E.I.G.N acronym So, I will be changing the few spots on the website that has the word “Name” and replace it with “Nations”

Reaching Everyone In God’s Nations

Edit: I wasn’t really feeling the plain look with the wording sideways so I went back in the editor and created a new logo with the letter ‘R” image below the letter ‘s’ is a watermark on the image.

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I'm Living The 180 Lifestyle Part 1

Hello Souljaz, Welcome Back! On the about page I mentioned I’m an ex-gang banger and ex-satanist (Screen Capture below)

Today I would like to embark on the testimony of going from being a gang banger to becoming a satanist and then becoming a Christian. I have done things in life I am not proud of but needs to be spoken about to show where God has brought me from. The satanist part will become part 2

From Gang-Banger To Being A Satanist

As I have mentioned before I had a rough upbringing and I had a lot of hatred within me because of it. At the age of 12 I had sex with a unnamed female she in-return introduced me to a few male friends of her and they were in a gang as I started to hang with them the more I noticed the brotherhood of the gang life promoted family hood, I was drawn in by this aspect because the family hood at home was next to none.

I got to know these two friends of the unnamed female and they approached me about joining the gang and at first I was nervous but I wanted to feel like I belonged. After I joined the gang I was all in (it was all or nothing) attitude… I had a care free attitude I was down to do things for the gang regardless the bad outcome for me. Because of my all or nothing attitude the higher ranking gang members took noticed to my loyalty to the gang cause.

These higher ranking gang members told me that their eye was on me and they were considering to bring forth the idea of promotion to the leader of the gang squad. They actually did just that and I got promoted but this didn’t settle well, with some of the other members I was hanging around that had been in the gang longer than me.

This is where the family hood became broken in my mind but I didn’t care I was down for the gang and I felt I earned the spot because I would go out of my way to do things the other gang members wouldn’t do.

Going From Being A Dedicated Gang Member To Being Falsely Titled As A Snitch

A snitching gang member is NOT tolerated in the gang atmosphere, after I had been promoted for a while the trust became broken and the gang members turned on me and tried to kill me (Point blank snitching brings bullets in the gang sphere) Because I was labeled a “Snitch” some of the lower level gang members decided to break the gang by-laws and took it upon themselves to try and kill me. Frankly the promotion put a target on my back because of other gang members jealously.

While having the target on my back I got caught up with charges and I ended up getting a year and half of probation. Now the gang members felt I made a deal with the police to get a lighter sentence I just ended up getting a break from the judge and nothing more but the gang members weren’t going for the truth because how it appeared before them.

It actually got so dangerous that my mom sent me to live with my uncle because I was a teenager during this time frame and my lifestyle was bringing danger to the home front. I joined a new squad front (same gang) when I moved in with my uncle. While I was banging for the gang cause I met this female that was good looking so, I set out to get to know her better and it became evident she was into some different stuff that appeared to bring forth power to the person involved. I wanted power I was chasing after the power status in the gang life already but the gang life drama with a target on my back was becoming tiresome so I got to know this female better and she come forth that she was a satanist.

At first I thought it was a joke I wasn’t feeling it, but I begin to witness things that left me with more questions than answers this was my draw in point to leave the gang and become more in-depth with dark magic.

Part 2 coming soon!

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Who You Represent?

Hello Souljaz Welcome Back! Today I feel the need to make it clear that here as the author of Soulja of Hope, That I believe the word of God in whole and tolerating sin is not an option, only loving the person through Jesus Christ is the option without adding sin in the mix. (have love for the person and not love for sin by tolerating sin) The reason I choose to create Soulja of Hope is to spread the word of God the (Gospel) in a non watered down way.

Many individuals that are in the teaching arena platform are teaching the Gospel in a watered down aspect. that teaches the word of God to others to tolerate sin, this is not what the word of God teaches about sin.

Proverbs 8:13

“The fear of the LORD is to hate evil; Pride and arrogance and the evil way And the perverted mouth, I hate.

I probably will lose follower-ship (Readers) from posting this and to me it is not how many followers Soulja of Hope has because I cannot grant you access to Heaven or judge a person to hell, that is God’s business. My purpose here at Soulja of Hope is to teach the word of God in a manner that is not watered down because that hurts souls in the long run. My goal by God giving me a platform to teach is to fight the Good fight and lead others to Jesus Christ and tolerating sin doesn’t achieve such goal or purpose.

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It Would Be A Honor To Pray For You

Prayer is very important to me and I believe that God does mighty things through prayer and I would love to be granted the opportunity to prayer for your prayer needs. I also encourage the Soulja of Hope community to join in with prayer as well.

Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. Jeremiah 29:12

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