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Hello everyone, I’m known here on the blog as R,E.I.G.N (Reaching Everyone In God’s Nations) I am an ex-gang banger and ex-satanist; now, I have a great passion and great love for our Lord & Savior (Jesus Christ). Recently God had placed a vision upon my heart to spread the Gospel across the nations. Many people get called into ministry to spread the Gospel, but I had told God I didn’t want to become another trend follower and do what other ministries are already doing. so, I went before the Lord, and requested that God, would help me become a trendsetter and to provide me with the ability and anointed authority from God Himself, to help me push the envelope just like Jesus had done when he roamed the earth completing His ministry calling.

Many that know me would say that I am not qualified for this calling upon my heart, but God isn’t looking for the qualified but, instead He is looking for the obedient that is willing to hit the pavement and get involved with investing their time and their God given resources into others to help them set forth and become ministers of the Gospel as well for the kingdom of Heaven. (Meaning disciple others around us) There is many Christians in this world or should I say many that claim to be Christians but take no interests in furthering the Kingdom of Heaven. 😒 This truthful aspect saddens me as well, drives me to not want to let opportunities pass by that can help others discover Jesus Christ’s love for mankind.

So what Makes me different than most Christians?

Well, I love and follow God, just like many other Christians, but what makes me different is I am an active Christian, meaning I actively seek God’s face in all aspects of my life and I strive to become Kingdom minded and Kingdom driven. So, I can be all about my Holy father’s business, so I can relate His loving merciful heart towards mankind so they can experience His love for them!.

What Is Soulja of Hope About?

Well, first off it is a ministry in a sense that I strive to Minister God’s love towards others with Ana, by my side at times. But it’s more of a movement in the aspects that it is an active Christ like lifestyle. I plan to not just minister God’s love for mankind online only, but I intend to walk beside with the people that the lord places in my path to mentor. My plans are to minister God’s love towards them with my Christ like lifestyle, but more importantly I plan to also walk alongside with the individuals that God places upon my heart to disciple online/offline and help teach them how to apply the Living Word of God in their daily life’s, I also plan to help them discover their God given gifts and I also plan to encourage them to utilize those Gifts by helping them set forth into their ministry calling that God places upon the individual’s heart by encouraging them to push forward with pursuing those God given gift(s). 

I have big dreams pertaining to Soulja of Hope, but more importantly I want to first be Kingdom minded and Kingdom driven in my own life so, when others meet me online or in person, they can see I am legit about wanting to further God’s kingdom here on earth. Since the last half of 2018 and through a great part of 2019 I have wrestled with God when it had came to me. When, God pointed out character flaws that needed to be changed.

For half a year I wrestled back and forth with God, not wanting to tackle those character flaws and I watched around me, even people I care about become affected by my disobedience towards God, The reason I am saying this is, because at this point I realized we are all inner-connected in many ways through God, and our actions affect others that God may be wanting to place in our pathway or surround us for season. But God isn’t just going to do that if He senses we will end up doing more harm in the persons life in the long run. So this becomes a lost opportunity. The Battle for souls is very real and we are the Souljaz of Hope on the Battleground that needs to counter the devils lies in this world with the Word of God.

So, if you are an active Christian then I invite you as a Soulja of Hope, on the battlefield and we can fight alongside as God directs the battlefield pathway for lost soul’s and against the devils lies.

Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

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  1. Pure Glory · January 13

    God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the unqualified. Obedience to God is key.

    Liked by 1 person

    • R.E.I.G.N · January 14

      Hello Pure Glory, Yes, exactly! without obedience unto God the person becomes stalled out because the person needs God’s direction to learn to become qualified.

      Liked by 1 person

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